Solo exhibition of Adrien Pezennec

For Adrien Pezennec, a graduate of the Arles photography school, the world is almost too small. Auschwitz, then North East West South, N.E.W.S., did you say ‘news’? The news is not good. Adrien Pezennec’s photography, work in progress, gives us a strange vision of the world. He cast the net wide, in the most positive sense of the word, putting together a slide show of his obsessions. This young man leads us into his world, our world, and reveals it to us in a way that we, as simple bystanders, do not see!

Almost History is a look at History through anecdotes: A man paid by tourists diving off Stari Most, the old bridge which was rebuilt between the Catholic and Muslim districts in Mostar; a huge wooden cross knocked down over the recently discovered remains of a mass grave in Dobronin; a church in Pristina closed-down with barbed wire, and the words “Let us not forget” are written all over.

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